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Review of the Seerave Fellows Retreat 2019 in Berlin

We are pleased to announce that the Seerave Fellows Retreat from 6. – 8.11.2019 in Berlin has been a great success. For the second time the fellows of the Seerave Foundation gathered to update on their current activities in different research projects, to further discover synergies and opportunities to exchange skills and knowhow.

In three days, outstanding presentations were given in a very open atmosphere and the room was filled with an enthusiasm to share and support each other. During the retreat, many new connections were made and ways to optimize current projects. For example, for observational projects at KCL and UMCG an explanatory video has been the result of a little brainstorming on how to improve current recruitment situation and how to ease…

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Caloric restriction mimetics enhance anti-tumor efficacy

We’re happy to announce that the Seerave Fellow Dr. Jonathan Pol published part of his work entitled “A synergistic triad of chemotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, and caloric restriction mimetics eradicates tumors in mice” in the journal OncoImmunology.

The lab of Professor Guido Kroemeber has recently shown that chemotherapy with agents inducing immunogenic cell death (ICD), such as anthracyclines (e.g. mitoxantrone) or the platinum salt oxaliplatin, can be advantageously combined with fasting or caloric restriction mimetics (CRMs) to reach a better control of tumor growth (1-3). The antitumor activity of the treatment depended on immune actors, particularly on CD8+ T cells. Among these CRMs, Jonathan Pol was particularly interested in further studying hydroxycitrate (HC) and spermidine (SPD). In this follow up study, Jonathan Pol and…