The Seerave Foundation aspires to broaden and enhance the Standard of Care for cancer patients. We aim to do this by augmenting current cancer therapies with novel, benign and diverse approaches. These will be evidence-based, lead to clinically proven benefits for patients and also contribute to more sustainable health care systems. Our initial focus is on the nutrition, microbiome and immune system axis.

We will build partnerships and support efforts to:

Better understand the basic biology and interplay of nutrition, microbiome, metabolites, immune system and cancer.

Establish scientific proof of principle that novel approaches are efficacious in pre-clinical settings of cancer research, and to identify the specific biological mechanisms of action.

Generate clinical proof of principle that novel approaches are beneficial either alone or in combination with existing therapies for the treatment of cancer patients.

Advocate findings in order to implement these approaches, improve the standard of care for patients, and contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system.

David Rees explains Seerave Foundation

If you would like to better understand what Seerave Foundation is all about, take 3 minutes to watch this video where David Rees explains the science and what we want to achieve.